Family Dentistry

Why You Should Consider Family Dentistry in Waterloo, ON

Dental care options for family and children are our specialty here at Advance Dental Care. We make sure that all of our dental professionals are friendly and focused on providing the most comfortable and most effective treatment possible for your whole family. Dr. Sumesh Mahajan, your Waterloo dentist, discusses the advantages of choosing one dental office for the entire family.

More time to do the things you enjoy

Visiting multiple dentists requires hours away from work and home. When you select a family dentist, the staff will work with you to schedule back-to-back appointments for your entire family. You'll be able to take care of those regular dental visits in just one trip, leaving you more time for other activities.

Advance Dental Care's dentist and technicians are skilled at treating people of all ages

Photograph of laughing children with toothbrushes, Family Dentistry, Waterloo, ON

Dr. Sumesh Mahajan is skilled at treating and detecting dental issues in people of all ages. In fact, our dentist and his entire staff are experienced at making even the youngest members of your family feel comfortable during their first visits. Kids benefit the most when you start building good dental habits early, and children who are able to build a relationship with one dentist are less likely to experience dental anxiety as adults. Our staff will also take the extra time to make sure every member of the family understands diagnoses and provide detailed information about treatment options and insurance coverage. It's best to make sure that your whole family has regular dental checkups, to utilize preventive dental services your family members really deserve.

Regular visits to the family dentist help reduce your costs and safeguard your oral health

Regular dental visits include professional dental cleanings, which can help lower your risk of developing cavities or gum disease and give your family dentist the opportunity to keep an eye on your oral health. Dental problems are always easier and less expensive to treat when they're small.  For example: while filling cavities is, of course, better than letting them worsen, fillings tend to weaken teeth because a portion of the healthy tooth structure must be removed with the decayed area. Therefore, treating cavities early while they're still small, or preventing them entirely through healthy habits and regular cleanings, preserves healthy tooth structure and helps you and your family avoid the more complicated and expensive procedures that are needed when tooth decay is left unchecked. During dental cleanings, plaque and tartar are removed from your teeth before they can cause any damage. Your dentist also looks for other signs of disease, such as tumors that may be signs of oral cancer, and he can even spot symptoms of general health problems during those regular visits. For example, if you have diabetes, you may be more likely to develop gum disease and bleeding gums!

Advance Dental Care prides itself on thorough and effective dental care for the whole family

Our team of dental professionals can advise a variety of choices to help your family acquire their desired smiles and maintain them as bright and healthy as ever for years to come, with services that address the different needs of all stages of life. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction
  • Gum Treatments
  • Dental Sealants
  • Mouthguards/Sportsguards
  • Emergency Dentistry
  • Routine Dental Checkups and Cleaning

Get the benefits of having one dentist for the whole family: take advantage of Advance Dental Care's expertise in family dentistry and call our Waterloo, ON office today at (519) 884-3730

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