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Ease Your Dental Anxiety With Gentle Dentistry in Waterloo, ON

In past years dental treatment could be a rough experience, and unfortunately that reputation has stuck. Now, however, thanks to modern technologies, treatments and techniques, dentistry is state-of-the-art and almost unrecognizable from what it used to be. Dentists are now able to provide much more gentle and compassionate treatments. Dr. Sumesh Mahajan at Advance Dental Care in Waterloo, ON is a caring dentist committed to providing you with a wonderful dental experience he calls gentle dentistry.

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What Is Gentle Dentistry

As a dentist Dr. Mahajan focuses on using a gentle, calming touch, and prides himself on a friendly and soothing chairside manner. He understands your fears and is committed to providing you with the most anxiety-free appointment possible. Along with his warm demeanor and practiced chairside skills, he uses modern technologies like air-abrasion, today’s modern alternative to the dental drill, to make dental procedures less unpleasant. Air abrasion can be used for many dental procedures, and the elimination of intimidating drilling sounds can make a huge difference to your ears and your confidence.

Gentle Dentistry Also Involves Sedation Options

In addition to air abrasion, Advance Dental Care offers sedation for dental procedures. One of the many ways gentle dentistry puts patients at ease is through the use of various sedation methods. Sedation helps patients relax so they can receive the dental treatment they need to keep their smiles healthy and beautiful.

 The sedation options we provide include:

  • Local anesthetic, if you just want the area of treatment numb, and you still want to be fully aware of treatment
  • Oral sedation, taken in pill form; you will feel calm and relaxed, but still able to respond. Halcion or Valium is often used to achieve a desired level of sedation.
  • Inhaled conscious sedation, using nitrous oxide and oxygen, inhaled through a face mask; you will be calm and relaxed, but still able to respond. The effects of this type of sedation leave your body very quickly. Inhaled conscious sedation can often be combined with oral sedation to increase the overall sedative effect.
  • Intravenous conscious sedation, if you want to be completely asleep during your dental appointment; you will wake up feeling refreshed and your dental work will be completed without you remembering treatment.

A gentle dentist like Dr. Sumesh Mahajan in Waterloo can make all the difference. He and his caring staff are committed to helping you relax and feel great about visiting the dentist through reduced anxiety and lessened pain and discomfort. You deserve to get the dental work you need, completed in an anxiety-free, pain-free environment! 

Have you been avoiding the dentist due to fear or anxiety? It’s time to call Dr. Mahajan at Advance Dental Care in Waterloo, ON at (519) 884-3730 and see how gentle dentistry can renew your relationship with dental care!

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