Oral Exams

An important part of maintaining healthy teeth and gums is to keep on top of your routine oral exams. This will also prevent future complications. Our experienced dental hygienists will thoroughly inspect the inside of your mouth to detect any existing issues you may have.

If you are not familiar on what happens during a regular oral exam, then you may find it helpful to get an idea before your visit.

Dental exam is a systematic procedure where the dentist will investigate your oral and systemic health to identify concerns or pathologies and build a treatment plant catered toward maximizing your oral health.

Here are the facets related to oral exam at a dentist’s office:

Medical History

During the medical history intake, the dentist will collect information about you including but not limited to these:

  • Allergies
  • Medications currently taking
  • Vitamins and natural healing remedies currently taking
  • Past experiences and reactions with anesthesia
  • Family member reaction to anesthesia
  • Alcohol and smoking consumption
  • Any medical conditions currently treated for
  • Previous surgeries and/or hospitalizations

This information will allow the dental provider to identify necessary precautions for your dental treatment plan. It is an important first step in dental treatment planning.

Should there be any issues, our dentists will recommend a specific treatment plan and that can address the current concerns and make sure they don’t worsen. If you notice any problems with your oral health, pleasecall our office to schedule an appointment with our highly-experienced dentist.

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